I decided to create an icon pack. Didn’t really post anything in the last weeks, my apologies. Also, there is going to be a new download section for everything you might need.

Download: Serious Overheat icon pack(format range: 16×16 – 256×256 pixels)
The pack contains 8 icons, with different styles and desktops.

License: Free for non-commercial use.

Preview (png):

Desktop (8) - Serious Overheat Desktop (8) (Beaten) - Serious Overheat Desktop (7) (Beaten) - Serious Overheat Desktop (7) - Serious Overheat BSOD (8) - Serious Overheat BSOD (7) - Serious Overheat Kernel Panic - Serious Overheat Serious Overheat

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