Ordinary mail, postcards, packages, and all other stuff that gets send by mail companies: the delay was huge this time. (in the Netherlands at least) My friend send me a package with a charger in it, without being too big… Continue reading

Happy new year everyone! I’ve had a great year with ups and downs and much blogging. I got myself a new laptop and a cool tablet for this year. I reviewed some noodles, and Ubuntu One’s cloud services. I guess… Continue reading

I read a major tech. magazine today, which reported that around 170 e-mail addresses were leaked to Pastebin from employees of the U.N.. It seems that the digital war between two countries has started: Iran and Israel are even fighting… Continue reading

The Prius is a green, environment friendly, small car. Because you can use electricity under 50 KM/h, you can save a lot of money. But what if you must travel 500 KM to your best friend needing help?

You could… Continue reading

I’m very busy with server #2, which needs updating and upgrading. This means that some sections of the site may not work correctly or not work at all(such as the search engine). The maintenance is set for 10:00 AM to… Continue reading

Here is my own list of ways how to get depressed fast. (I’m not really responsible for the things you do with it — just posted for fun)

  1. Never say ‘good morning’ and/or ‘hi’ when you go to work, do… Continue reading
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