Zarmark: Taobao shipping with guarantee

Recently, I found out about a site called ‘Zarmark’. They ship product from a Chinese alternative to eBay, called Taobao, which (normally) doesn’t operate internationally. Zarmark solves this problem by using their own address in China.

At first, I couldn’t find many reviews. I just took the chances and ordered on Zarmark.

First, I went to Taobao combined with Google Translate. I needed some new sunglasses, so I typed sunglasses in Google Translate to Chinese and searching the website with the translated word. After a while I found a cheap set of good sunglasses. All prices are in Chinese Yuan.

I copied the URL as the site instructed. The price was automatically calculated, and I didn’t need to convert the currencies via XE or Google. Then, I added money to my account, ordering the product, and just wait.

The sunglasses order
The sunglasses order

It took 3 days to arrive at their office. Then, a second payment needed to be made, for international shipping. This was around $3 in my case. Then, it took 3 weeks before it was in the Netherlands. The tracking number was included.

The package came wrapped in normal packaging, and there was an additional box in it, including the domestic shipping stickers. The quality was pretty good, and was taped pretty well.

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