Toyota Prius: something you don’t want above 50 KM/h

The Prius is a green, environment friendly, small car. Because you can use electricity under 50 KM/h, you can save a lot of money. But what if you must travel 500 KM to your best friend needing help?

You could drive that easily, according to Toyota with gasoline. And that’s where the trouble begins, because you aren’t going to use electricity on the freeway (usually 100 KM/h+).  And you may think you are ‘driving green’, but the gasoline consumption is very high, and so is the Co2 emission.  The manufacturer only lists the gasoline consumption on their website without the electricity installation, which makes no sense at all.

Toyota, and several other manufactures of electric-hybrid cars (take the Opel Insignia for example), are not so green if they aren’t driving in a city. This is known for a longer time, and why are several governments still giving bonuses on the cars (Netherlands, Germany)? The answer is simple: the government trusts the fake information given by the manufacturers. But why are they still believing it after all the criticism?

That isn’t known, and it may be true that oil companies bribe car manufacturers to make cars non-efficient.


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  1. Eventually, Gas and Oil will get at a point where they’re so scarce that they’ll cost MORE than ‘green’ energy, or cars for that matter.

    Just a matter of time, and it’ll be cheaper to drive green…

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