And… we’re back online!

Well, that was a rough ride of downtime and hosting issues. No backups, no old-posts, no nothing after a bug triggering sendmail. And then our host blocked us, and oh well. No reply to e-mails, and wasted server costs… But I hope I get started as soon as possible restoring everything to normal. A fresh start, new theme, new posts, and the good ol’ blogposters. So, let it burn down your mind for a while, and check out the links on the right until everything is back to normal!!


See you soon,


By Marlon

Blogger with a busy life. Has much knowledge of technology, gadgets, and computer repairs. Posts mostly columns, opinions and reviews.

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  1. Welcome back online, Marlon(.ws).
    I will be resuming making my usual guest-postings (even though I am the only guest poster, and will probably remain so forever – you might as well call me a co-blogger) soon.

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