Litecoin: The new Bitcoin?

I just checked the price for 250 LTC, which is worth 1.65 BTC. Wait… what?! Just in one week, the price of 250 LTC went to ~0.90BTC to.. well… 1.65BTC. Which is a huge price increase. I think this is caused by the Bitcoin block reward, which is going from 50 BTC to 25 BTC, and people searching alternatives. The huge difference though, is that Bitcoin uses the GPU for mining. Litecoin uses the processing power of the CPU (there are programs like Reaper that use the GPU for mining Litecoins, though. But it is very instable on many cards at the moment.). I don’t recommend buying Litecoins, though. This is because it isn’t sure if the price is going to rise any more or not.

So, this is was a good week for Litecoin, and the (Litecoin) community. Well, this was all for today, because I have a tight schedule (work+a study).

~ Until next time!

By Marlon

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