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Oh look. Someone is trying to nuke things.

A quick blog entry, because I’m going to leave the house for a hour or two.

North-Korea. Some country, placed right above South-Korea, is threatening with war. Why? Because the U.N. gave new sanctions right after the rocket-launch test and possible nuclear experiments. North-Korea blames the United States, and threatens to launch a rocket to the U.S.

Experts say they do not have any rockets that are capable to arrive at the United States.

North-Korea, are you even capable of launching the internet and start a digital war?

Well, we will see.


U.N. e-mail addresses leaked, and guess what?

I read a major tech. magazine today, which reported that around 170 e-mail addresses were leaked to Pastebin from employees of the U.N.. It seems that the digital war between two countries has started: Iran and Israel are even fighting over social media. This is pure speculation, but it may be that the government of Iran may be behind the leak. Iran has a nuclear history, and Israel too. I don’t want to put any country in front, but Iran itself has a history of nuclear weapons, and this may be payback.
This ‘war’ is pretty interesting, because this is the first digital war that really utilizes the available social media and launching propaganda websites (this isn’t very new: North-Korea does this since several years).

This war is the perfect example of combining digital war with weapons. It’s like watching small little kids fighting over chocolate(Gaza border) and a video game(Twitter) at the same time. But the deaths caused by such conflicts is always very sad. But still: is the digital war coming to other countries?
Who knows.